Shawn Phillips Presents iAwake Technology

The world's first and only bio-energetic audio entrainment system
for peak sports performance, Zone-state training,
enhanced recovery and mind-body mastery

Every serious athlete knows: What you do with your brain is just as important as what you do with your body. The NeuroStrength™ program literally transforms your brainwaves just by you putting on your headphones. It entrains peak mind states for peak performance. It's a cutting-edge training tool that will give YOU the edge. Perfect for bodybuilders, runners, martial artists, cyclists, climbers, gym rats, all-around athletes, and anyone looking to upgrade their everyday fitness routine.

Is This You?

  • Do you struggle getting yourself to the gym?
  • Have you hit a plateau in your fitness and you're looking to break through to the next level?
  • Do you find yourself easily distracted by the TV, radio, and other stimuli at the gym?
  • Are you bored out of your mind during your workouts, counting every minute, just hoping to get it over with?
  • Do you relish the challenge of making real gains in your strength, health, and overall quality of life?
Shawn Phillips' NeuroStrength

NeuroStrength™ Will Help You:

  • Increase Your Energy & Flow: Getting into the "zone" will come more easily, and your workouts will be more engaging and powerful.
  • Enjoy Effortless Focus: No more zoning out in front of the gym TV. Instead, conquer your workout with the eye of the tiger!
  • Recover Quickly from Stress: Evolve your brainwave and biofield patterns to respond with greater confidence and ease to whatever life throws at you.
  • Experience Easier Recovery after Working Out: Feel less sore and more flexible.
  • Experience Deep and More Restful Sleep: Why wake up groggy and miserable? Supercharge your workout, career, and, love life just by getting a good night's rest for once!

NeuroStrength™ Includes:

  • 3 Cutting-Edge Audio Tracks optimized for Entering the Zone, High-Intensity Workout, and Deep Recovery modes
  • 60 Total Minutes of Revolutionary Audio Brainwave Entrainment Technology
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you don't love it, just email us to receive a full refund.


  • FREE BONUS: Vaporizing Performance Anxiety
    Powerful Brainwave & Biofield Entrainment Technology to Cut Through the Inner Chaos of Stress & Worry

Train Your Brain for Peak Mind-Body Performance!

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PLUS Free Bonus Track: Vaporizing Performance Anxiety

$42 Instant Download

Shawn Phillips and Eric Thompson

Shawn Phillips and Eric Thompson Discuss the Neuroscience of
Peak Performance, Focused Concentration & Mind-Body Mastery

Get ready to be blown away by the science behind the product. Check out this conversation between Shawn Phillips and Eric Thompson, creator of the Profound Meditation Program and NeuroStrength™. We think you will find this conversation not only informative, but enlightening and inspiring, giving you a much deeper understanding of the technology and the transformational ignition that is now available through advanced brainwave and biofield entrainment.


Learn more about:

  • What is Brainwave Entrainment?
  • How are Alpha brainwave patterns important to sports performance training?
  • How Brainwave Entrainment Accrues "Zone Minutes"
  • The Power of Diffuse Focus
  • How Zone State Brainwaves turn on the natural pharmacy in your brain—including dopamine and serotonin
  • How does NeuroStrength™ power your workout?
  • How to upgrade your brain and nervous system by gently growing neural pathways and synaptic connections
Shawn Phillips

I want people to have the experience of greater focus, greater productivity, greater recovery after workouts, greater restfulness at night, greater freedom in the middle of everything, and greater presence in life. This is why I am recommending NeuroStrength™.

You'll receive my exclusive, custom-designed NeuroStrength™ tracks for accelerated mind-body workouts and Vaporizing Performance Anxiety & Stress.

I am making this exclusive, one time opportunity available to you for only $42.


Here's What You Get:



Cutting-Edge Audio & Subtle Energetic Strength

1 CD—3 Tracks to Power Your Performance

  • Track 1: Enter the Zone. Your frame of mind going into your workout or event makes a HUGE difference in your performance. Use this track to get into the zone, focused and ready for intense action. (15 minutes)
  • Track 2: Focused Intensity. Ditch the distractions and get your brain in the game. Listen to this while you're working out to maximize performance. (30 minutes. Or set to 'repeat' for longer workouts.)
  • Track 3: Deep Recovery. Consolidate your gains and consciously transition. This track is designed to speed up recovery, release growth hormones and endorphins, and ease you into what's next. (15 minutes)

Key Benefits

  • Enter the peak performance Zone quickly and easily.
  • Bring new intensity, energy and focus to your workouts—completely naturally!
  • Train your brain and nervous system to shift from peak performance states into deep relaxation.
  • Speed up recovery through the precision-targeting of healthy neurotransmitters and hormones.
  • Experience greater endurance and enthusiasm in your training.
  • With consistent use over time, you will be able to move from a highly focused state to a highly relaxed state—and back again—effortlessly, even when you are not using the tracks.

Vaporize Performance Anxiety

*NOTE: The Vaporize Performance Anxiety audio track does not contain guided meditations. Instead, it contains soundtracks of nature sounds with embedded cutting-edge neurotechnology and biofield energy medicine to precision-tune your brain, nervous system and subtle energetic system to deep, transformative states of meditation.

BONUS! Vaporize Performance Anxiety

Powerful Brainwave & Biofield Entrainment Technology to Cut Through the Inner Chaos of Stress & Worry

1 Track—20 Minute Preview

  • Experience a taste of iAwake technology currently in development!

Key Benefits

  • User manual includes a meditation proven to vaporize anxiety*
  • Raise your emotional competence
  • Master your anxiety
  • Increase your natural poise and confidence
  • Release limiting behaviors
  • Evokes the brainwaves of FLOW
  • Contains stress relieving biofield frequencies to shift your emotional condition

ALL iAwake Technologies Products Come With Ongoing Support

Free Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Free Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • Hosted by iAwake CEO John Dupuy, MA
  • Get your questions answered on a live call
  • How to integrate NeuroStrength™ into your daily practice
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Calls are recorded for later listening if you can't make the live event
Profound Meditation Practitioners Forum

iAwake NeuroStrength™ Facebook Forum

  • Discover tips and tricks from fellow iAwake practitioners
  • Receive peer support
  • Private Group
  • Receive support from iAwake staff
Comprehensive Written Materials

Comprehensive Written Materials

  • User Manual with Everything You Need to Know to Get Started and Keep Going
  • Listening Schedule Guidelines & Examples
  • Extensive Links to the Science Behind iAwake Products
  • User Manual Includes a Meditation Proven to Release Anxiety & Stress
Exhaustive FAQ

Exhaustive FAQ

  • Updated monthly
  • Easy to navigate
Customer Support

Customer Support

  • Unlimited email support
  • If we can't answer your questions via email, we can also offer Skype calls

It just makes my workout much better, more caring, stronger and more calm. Also, the simple but really important idea to divide your workout (preparation, working and cool-down) is by itself a great practice and addition. The idea might be simple, but a program that is divided like this, supports you to actually do it rather than just liking the concept. I'm often guilty of knowing a lot of good stuff I could do, but I don't do them...."

—Samuel TornQuist

I believe NeuroStrength™ could help anyone to work out harder and longer. For anyone who is serious about exercising body, mind & spirit simultaneously, I'd even say it's a must-try. But way more important than any of that, it's greatly enhanced my ability to direct my attention, to focus intensely while remaining in a place of inner relaxation. If you've ever struggled with the mind's's your monkey wrench ;-)"

—Carsten Christiani

A simple but powerful push and play system for peak performance

Test Drive NeuroStrength™ Now!

Listen to a 10-minute demo of Track 1: Enter the Zone.
Headphones required. NOTE: This is a shortened version of the original track available on the NeuroStrength™ CD.

NeuroStrength™ Demo (right-click to download)

Instructions: Sit upright. As the track plays, mentally rehearse your workout, preparing for intensity and precision. When the track is finished, anchor the deeply relaxed yet highly focused and motivated state into your body, consciously by "soaking it up" and thoroughly feeling it and enjoying it for a minute or two. Then inwardly state to yourself your intention to bring this peak performance awareness into your workout session.

Having a tool like NeuroStrength™ has made me feel as if I have a 'hidden advantage', it's like my very own gym buddy that gives me that extra push, and helps me to enjoy my workout so I keep going. Neurostrength is the most persuasive brainwave product I've ever come across. I play it on one notch on my MP3 player whilst at the gym, and yet my brain and body respond to it over the loud music so that listening to it for only thirty minutes whilst training is more than ample! As well as the fact that I am now stronger than ever and regularly busting previous personal bests, I've also been experiencing more patience with bodybuilding generally, realizing and accepting that it takes some effort and application, and to keep going and above all focus on the enjoyment I experience – whilst reassured that the results WILL come. This has led me to rethink my training routines and diet, and finally find the patience and level-headedness to take the expert's advice and apply it! NeuroStrength™ is like a breath of fresh air, renewing my practice and surprising me at what my body and mind are capable of. And not to mention the episodes of transcendental bliss and deep peace that I have been experiencing during some of my workouts since Neurostrength! It's like the gym has become my new Zen Dojo!"

—James Basil

John at the gym

"I have been a dedicated gym rat for over 30 years. And this neuro-technology has been a game changer for me. I get more done in less time and experience much greater focus and intensity in my training and more peace, creativity and equanimity when I leave the gym. Load your iPod and get going today. And NeuroStrength™ is the first brain entrainment technology specifically designed to enhance your workouts and strength training. FIT2"

—John Dupuy

Train Your Brain for Peak Mind-Body Performance!

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PLUS the Free Bonus Vaporizing Performance Anxiety

$42 Instant Download

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